Backwoods Rolling Tray

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Introducing the Backwoods Rolling Tray! This classic stainless steel rolling tray is perfect for the cannabis enthusiast who wants to keep their rolling station clean and organized.

This rolling tray is perfect for rolling on the go. It‘s lightweight and slim enough to fit easily in your pocket or purse, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The stainless steel construction ensures that it won‘t rust and is easy to clean. The classic Backwoods design is perfect for showing off your favorite brand.

The tray has a smooth surface that makes it ideal for rolling up your favorite cannabis products. It‘s large enough to accommodate any size product, so you can roll up large amounts of weed at once. The tray is also deep enough to hold all of your rolling accessories such as rolling papers, grinders, and lighters.

The tray also has a raised lip around the edges that helps keep your rolling station neat and tidy. This prevents your cannabis products from rolling off the tray and onto the floor. This is especially helpful when you are rolling in a crowded area.

The Backwoods Rolling Tray is a musthave for any cannabis enthusiast. Whether you‘re an experienced roller or just getting started, this tray is perfect for rolling up your favorite products. With its sleek and classic design, this rolling tray will make a great addition to your collection. Get yours today and start rolling in style!


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